We’re Committed to Keeping You Safe

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we’re staying up-to-date with the CDC, Michigan and local updates to keep you safe. There will be a market this spring and summer. People still have needs and desires that cause them to buy or sell real estate. We can still do our job as Realtors safely as long as we both take precautions.

June 1st Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-110, rescinding her “Safer at Home” Order, and moving the entire state to phase four of the MI Safe Start Plan. This action removes most of the restrictions that real estate brokerages and clients have been operating under.

Most of the buying and selling of real estate can be efficiently handled remotely. Our business has for 30 years specialized in selling premium waterfront property using professional websites with engaging story telling, fine photos and videos, and extensive local, regional and national marketing.

Listing, negotiation, contracts, deposits, and closings are all done remotely now because of this virus. Showing homes presents a different set of problems. Here is how we are dealing with them:

Safety procedures include:

  • Private showings are no longer limited to 4 individuals on the property;
  • Open Houses are now permitted. However, as an enclosed public space rather than a private showing, masks should be required for those individuals participating. Participants should also adhere to existing 6-feet social distancing requirements;
  • Tenant-occupied property may now be shown subject to any requirements under the current lease;
  • Short-term rental properties may now be marketed without any state-imposed limitation. However, local restrictions may still be in force.

While many restrictions have been removed, the continued implementation of best practices geared toward Realtor® and client/customer safety remain important. These include:

  1. Asking sellers to turn on all of the lights and leave interior doors, drapes and blinds open.  This will ensure that anyone entering the home will not need to touch the light switches and doorknobs throughout the home;
  2. Asking sellers to clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces prior to and after the showing or open house;
  3. Meeting clients at the home rather than driving together to the showing;
  4. Encouraging the use of masks and gloves for private showings;
  5. Asking buyers to refrain from touching any surfaces in a home (including light switches and interior doorknobs).  Do not share phones, pens or tablets.

When a qualified prospect asks us to visit your home, if you are not feeling well or have a temperature over 100 degrees we ask that you to notify us, so we can reschedule the appointment while you consult with a Doctor.

Have your property ready to show. Our goal is not to touch anything while we’re on the property. We make a maximum effort to see that the prospect does not touch anything either.

Please keep a six-foot distance between yourself and our agents. If you prefer, leave the home until the showing is finished. We will always call when a showing is complete, and we have left the property.

We are flexible regarding rescheduling or cancellations due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of our best prospects arrive from distant places, but health and safety is the first priority.

Marketing in the best locations is expensive. You are welcome to supplement the funds available to market your property. That opens up additional regional and national opportunities to showcase what you have and can speed up the process.

Closings take place at a title company. No one is required to attend. Everything can be done remotely and efficiently using overnight mail, secure documents, and secure methods of transmission.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in overcoming this global challenge with us.

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Dick Huey Real Estate is leading the real estate industry with a package of services designed to address the concerns of our buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of great real estate in these uncertain times.

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