Whole Private Lakes

Whole Private lake near Marquette Whiskeyjack If you are looking for the best whole private lake and lodge in Michigan, this is the gold standard.
Silver Lake :: Your Own Private Lake Silver Lake Silver Lake is a quiet, peaceful lake near Hiawatha National Forest centered in 350 acres of good timberland and is fed by a fast flowing spring, a seasonal waterfall, and a small stream.
Large Whole Private Lake, 1,571 Acres of Land Large Whole Private Lake, 1,571 Acres of Land Goose Lake is a 107-acre whole private lake southeast of Lake Michigamme, 30 miles west of Marquette.
Glass Lake in the Huron Mountains :: Lake for Sale Glass Lake in the Huron Mountains 45-acre mountain lake in a 360-acre parcel of spectacular wild land.
Trout Lake Michigan Lakes for Sale Trout Lake 501 acres with the entire 43.5-acre Trout Lake centered on the property and cabin.
Mountain Lake near Marquette, MI for Sale Mountain Lake near Marquette Rock-rimmed private Huron Mountain lake and most of a second lake with turnkey log home on the headwaters of the Little Garlic River.

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