When is the best time to buy waterfront? Five years ago! It’s an old joke but it’s true and has been true as long as I can remember. Had you bought five years ago you would be much less concerned with the behavior of the stock market! So when is the best time — as soon as you have the opportunity!

DSCN1245Dick Huey Real Estate can help. We are, to the best of my knowledge, the only real estate brokerage firm spending all our time on the larger and higher quality waterfront parcels in northern Michigan. We are selective in what we list. I try not to list property i would not want to own myself. Shopping for land is a learning process. Nothing is either good or bad except by comparison. Come look. After a day in the woods (and, unfortunately, in the car as the premium sites tend to be spread out a bit), you will have new options and a better idea of what is available.

Many listings are profiled on this web site, but some larger properties that may interest you are not. Frequently we are asked not to disclose the availability of the larger listed real estate parcels except to prequalified prospects. If you don’t see what you want, especially if it is unusual, be sure to ask. Sometimes it is not listed and is not “on the market”, but we know the reasons why the right buyer and the right approach can result in a transaction.

Our training recognizes the value of working closely with a client’s entire team of professional advisors. As specialists we are trained and properly qualified to work with attorneys, accountants, developers, bankers, appraisers, architects and many others. Talented people live here, and we value these important resources for helping people buy real estate.